Ad Approval & Guidelines

At EventGram, we believe in the power of compelling ads to showcase your services effectively. To ensure the best possible experience for both service providers and users, we’ve outlined our Ad Approval & Guidelines:

1. Catchy Title (Under 100 Characters): Craft a title that captivates in under 100 characters. Make it catchy, informative, and attention-grabbing to entice users to explore your services.

2. Description (600 to 1000 Words): Elaborate on your services with a detailed description ranging from 600 to 1000 words. Share your expertise, unique offerings, and any relevant details that set your services apart.

3. Tags (6 to 15, Including Location Name): Enhance discoverability by adding a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 tags. Ensure the inclusion of the location name to target your audience effectively.

4. Photos (1 to 3, 1920×1080 Dimensions): Visuals speak volumes. Upload a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 high-resolution photos with dimensions set to 1920×1080. Showcase your work and create a compelling visual narrative. Format Of Photos Should Not Be In .PNG.

5. Embedded Video (From YouTube or Any Network): Bring your services to life with an embedded video. Whether it’s a showcase of your work, a tutorial, or an introduction, a video adds a dynamic element to your ad. Embed from YouTube or any compatible network.

Professional Ad Creation Tips:

  • Engage Creatively: Craft a title that sparks interest and curiosity.
  • Details Matter: Use the description wisely to provide comprehensive information about your services.
  • Strategic Tagging: Choose tags thoughtfully, ensuring they are relevant to your services and include the location name.
  • Visual Appeal: Select impactful photos that showcase your work in the best light.
  • Dynamic Content: Incorporate an engaging video to enrich your ad and provide users with a holistic view of your services.

By adhering to these guidelines, you maximize the impact of your ad, creating an enticing and informative presentation for potential clients. Elevate your event presence on EventGram with a professionally crafted advertisement that stands out in the crowd. #EventgramAds #ElevateYourPresence